Account Details



Starting in March 2019, Knit Wit memberships will begin to move from Moonclerk (a third-party membership-processing platform) to an new internal Squarespace-developed and Knit Wit-managed platform.

If you signed up during or after March 2019, your account details are available simply by logging in using the email and password that you used to set up your initial payment.

If you were an early adopter to Knit Wit (fancy!) and signed up before March 2019, you can access your account details by visiting Moonclerk directly. Log in using your original payment details. (Some have found it helpful to search “Moonclerk” in their email inbox to recover the original confirmation email from Moonclerk.)

Thanks for your patience as we make this transition to a more streamlined (and more secure!) membership environment! If you ever (ever!) have any questions about this stuff, please always feel free to email to members (at)