Oops, You Did It Again?!

Great. Did you just miss the shipping deadline for online holiday orders? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us (I mean, I certainly hope it does?). Which is why we asked the best of the best of us—a few of our favorite yarn shops—to share these quick, highly giftable, projects.

You’ve got this.

Purl Soho’s “Knit Before Christmas” Stocking

Knit up in their giant and super easy to work with Gentle Giant 100% merino, you might even have time to make a few of these sweet guys.

To knit up Purl’s pattern, you’ll need…

For the full pattern, head on over to their site or click here.

last minute crochet gift.jpg

Cattywampus Craft’s “Origami Potholder”

How cute and clever is that diagonal seam, though? Our personal favorite reason for a road trip to Ojai have something for the crocheters and the bakers alike!

Instructions for Cattywampus’ Origami Potholder:



• CH 30 (You can do as many chains as you want to make smaller or larger potholders, but we like 30)

• Rnd 1: SC in 2nd CH from hook in the back loops, SC across each chain. 2 SC in the first chain at beginning. Now SC along the backside of the chain with 2 SC in the last chain.
• Rnd 2-16: SC down one side of the potholder and back up the other side (in both loops of each stitch or just in the front loop of each stitch). Just crochet around and around and around. This potholder looks really hodd and turns in on itself.

• When you have formed a square, CH 20 at the top, to form a loop-holder. Slip stitch and join it when you started the chain.

• Cut yarn, leaving a 12” tail.

• Whip stitch a seam going through both loops and matching stitch for stitch close.


A Verb For Keeping Warm’s Many-Purpose Bags

Our favorite place to over-shop in Oakland, AVFKW created this (stash-busting!) dye and sewing project that will add instant, simple elegance to your holidays. Use ‘em to wrap gifts, give them as gifts (or, let’s be honest, just hoard them for yourself…).


In the spirit of keeping things easy and fun, I used a regular piece of copy paper as my pattern piece and black tea from my cupboard. Play with folding the paper into different configurations to create multiple sizes of bags as I have done here - try different types of tea for more color options. I chose the fabric from our offerings at A Verb for Keeping Warm. You can choose printed fabrics and overdye them as I have done here with the polka dot fabrics. These bags are easy to sew by hand, you don’t need to have a machine. These days, so many companies send their products in cotton cloth bags; these would also be great to use in place of sewing your own. When dyeing, you can submerge the bag completely under the surface of the dyebath for a solid color, or you can slowly add your bag to the dyebath to create an ombre effect. It is helpful to have a clothespin, to attach the bag to the side of the pot. Be careful because it can be quite hot! Use the tongs and rubber gloves to handle the bags. For more extensive instructions, and to create a wider palette refer to The Modern Natural Dyer.


one piece of 8 1/2" x 11” paper
sewing thread + needle
sewing machine (optional)
iron + ironing board 
safety pin

1/3 yard of fabric 
1/2 yard of 1/2” Twill tape for drawstring 

Recommended Fabrics: lightweight cotton, linen, silk 

Finished Measurements: approximately 8 3/4” wide x  9" high and smaller 


Seam allowances are all 1/4” unless noted. 

1. Pre-wash and shrink fabric. 

2. Fold the fabric. Place the 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper on the fabric. Using the pencil, trace. And cut the fabric. 

3. With right-sides together, sew the side seam, the bottom seam, the other side seam, stop 2” before reaching the top of the bag. This will be the opening for the drawstring. 

4. Within this 2” area, press open the seam allowance 1/4”. Towards the wrong side, fold, and press the fabric 1/4”. Fold and press again 3/4”. Sew 1/16” from the bottom of the drawstring pocket.  

5. Snip off the corners and turn rightside out. 

6. Attach the safety pin to the twill tape, and thread it through the drawstring pocket. Remove safety pin, and knot the two ends of the drawstring together. 


black tea 
small pot 
clothespins (optional) 


1. Take a small to medium size pot. Add approximately 7 cups of water and 1 tea bag per cup of water. 

2. Turn on medium-high. Add the drawstring bag. 

3. Heat for 45 minutes. 

4. Allow to cool to room temperature. Rinse bags in cool water. Hang to dry.