This Must Be The Place

Photo by Maria Del Rio for Knit Wit  Issue 8

Photo by Maria Del Rio for Knit Wit Issue 8

It’s kind of strange to write a Letter From The Editor for a website, I guess. I slated one for each month of Knit Wit in my editorial calendar (side note: maybe websites don’t normally have those either?), but part of me is still getting my sea legs changing media from print to digital. It’s been tricky retraining myself to think in terms of the infinite scroll rather than in quite finite, periodical editions. Maybe eventually I’ll stop this habit of pausing, reflecting and summarizing. For now though, it’s still my instinct to do so. 

And that’s mostly because I think it’s important, as Knit Wit changes course, to take a moment to say thank you. Again: a weird thing to say, given this is Post #1 of a new thing (theoretically). Thank you’s tend to come at the end of something: a nice time, a transaction, a moment of kindness. Not really something to say to kick off something new. 

But while yes, this is something new, in other ways it’s not. It’s also the end of a thing that I built and loved (and hurt about) for four years: Knit Wit in print. Thank you’s are appropriate for ends and while, yes, this is a new beginning, you’d have to be blind not to see it as an end in other ways. 

And so this thank you (it’s coming, by the way) is a transitory thank you; a hinge; a liminal moment between what’s been/what is and what’s coming/what’s not yet. And the thank you extends in both directions. 

A big thank you goes to those who worked so. damn. hard. for four years to make Knit Wit happen in print, simply because they believed in it: my former partner Gigi Jack, reams of talented photographers, writers, illustrators, stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, models. The gracious humans who agreed to be featured on our pages—especially in the beginning when “what is this?” was a very reasonable question. Our subscribers and Kickstarter supporters who put their real, actual money down to support what we were making. Our advertisers, who did the same, often because they liked what we were about, not, frankly, because our metrics would have bowled you over (they wouldn’t). 

It’s always astonishing to me when I have an idea and people say, yeah I’m into that and show up before it’s even begun. So giant thank you’s go to the following: My second mind, my sounding board, my therapist, Sarah Schulweis, who said, “No girl, you’ve got something here. Figure out how to make it work.” The best designer in the west, Ms. Hannah Fenves. My husband Jesse, who’s the most over it about Knit Wit, but who listens and gives good advice anyway. 

Lastly but not-at-all leastly, the superhumans who became sustaining members of Knit Wit 2.0 because they believe in real content, in storytelling, in crafts, in paying more for something better—and hey, in perks too. 

Thank you to you, if you read this whole thing, and even if you didn’t. Thank you for showing up. I promise to keep doing the same.