You've Been Duped

Our Hut Hut Sweater features a super easy, but also super crowd-pleasy technique called the Duplicate Stitch. The Dupe Stitch allows you to customize the garment with whatever letter you can dream—or rather, chart—up. (Big ups for One Of A Kind, eh?) Full instructions and no more puns below.


dupe stitch how to.jpg

Step 1

Start by figuring out your chart dimensions. You can do this by measuring the space you’d like your image to take up on the sweater. Multiply the length measurement by the rows per inch and the width measurement by the stitches per inch to get the dimensions of your chart. On graph paper, outline your chart using the dimensions you calculated.

duplicate stitch knitting tutorial.jpg

Step 2

Beginning with the straight edges of your design (we’re doing the letter D), start to shade your design within the chart.

how to knit dupe stitch.jpg

Step 3

When working with curves, draw a guiding line and gently graduate the shading for the smoothest curve. Remember, knitting isn’t a perfect square and there will usually be more rows per inch than stitches, so keep this in mind when working your design. It’s best to make the image a little taller than it is wide, since it will compress when applied.

how to knit chart.jpg

Step 4

Admire your completed chart!

how to knit dupe stitch.jpg

Step 5

Work with yarn that is no longer than an arm’s length. This will reduce tangles and make it easier to stitch.

how to make a dupe stitch in knitting.jpg

Step 6

Insert needle from the back into the bottom of the “V” of your first stitch. Make sure you’re underneath the bar of the “V” to provide an anchor for the duplicate stitch.

how to knit duplicate stitch in knitting.jpg

Step 7

Pull your yarn through. Insert your needle under the legs of the stitch above the stitch your working.

how to knit duplicate stitch in knitting.jpg

Step 8

Pull your yarn through, making sure not to pull too tight. From the front, insert the needle through the bottom of the “V” in the same place as step one.

how to do a duplicate stitch.jpg

Step 10

Pull through. Your duplicate stitch is done! Repeat this process for all stitches. You can work this stitch from all directions, just be sure to keep tension even and give the stitches room to breathe.