Click On This | N°38

Well, would you look at that: It’s the (hotly anticipated!) return of Click On This, Knit Wit’s sometimes-weekly compendium of what we read about, stumbled-upon or otherwise gawked-and-admired online recently. Here we go!

francesca capone.jpg

SHE SELLS SEASHELLS | Way back in 2014, we published an essay—distilled from a master’s degree dissertation—by artist Francesca Capone. She was studying between RISD and Brown and exploring the relationship between the written word and weaving. We were sold and have been watching her steady and always-interesting artistic ascent ever since. So! We’re so excited that not only is she just about to close her second show at Nationale in Portland, OR—five days left! get there!—but that she’s also joining the gallery/concept shop as a featured artist. (Nationale)

macrame feather diy.jpg

FEATHERS | What are these for? We really can’t say. Here’s what we do know: These macramé feathers are ridiculously pretty, seem fun to make, and we definitely need them in our life. (Honestly WTF)

josef albers tapestry.jpg

SQUARES | Here’s a rare opportunity to own a Josef Albers piece, kinda. Made in association with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Artware is offering limited-run of 50 (10 each of 5 colorways) wool tapestries depicting Josef’s study “Homage To The Square”. (Artware Editions)

crochet trompe l'oeil.jpg

TROMP | Kooky British crochet designer Katie Jones has partnered with Romance Was Born on this a-dorable trompe l'oeil top. All the granny squares and none of the itch-factor. Yes. (Romance Was Born)


LOOK | Knit Wit might be all Internet and stuff now, but print will always have our heart. Which is why we’re not going to make the same mistake twice and miss the boat on Look What We Made, a sweet little bookazine from Frankie. The first run simply vanished, so they’ve graciously reprinted and now the edition full of stories of various Australian makers is ready to order (again). (Frankie)