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MERCADO POP | If you want to know a thing or two (or basically everything and anything) about textiles and good taste, the first person to turn to is Joanna Williams of Kneeland Co. Joanna sources textiles from all over the world for her clients and—at times—some other tidbits, too. Can’t afford to be one of Joanna’s private clients (same, same), you’re in luck! This month, she’ll be popping up in Los Angeles with all the things you’d expect: “one-of-a-kind rarities sourced from my travels around the world, as well as some exclusive pieces such as hand painted ceramics by U.K. ceramist Claudia Rankin, decorative dinnerware from Laboratorio Paravicini in Milan, miniature paintings from Jaipur, and notebooks and stationary from Paris-based Antoinette Poisson.” We’ll be there. (Kneeland Co Pop-Up, 1515 N. Gardner St. Los Angeles, CA 90046, 11/30-12/4, 11am-7pm everyday.)


MAJOR | Designer Elizabeth Gleason left New York for Argentina eleven years ago and found a dynamic creative community, boundless woolen resources and craft traditions there. Her apparel (mostly knitwear) line URSA is a reflection of both. (Freunde Von Freunden)


QUILTS | One of the surest ways to encourage us to stop paying attention: The word “boho.” Shutters. But, there are exceptions to that rule and Justina Blakeney always seems to find them—case in point: this post about decorating using Kanthas. Pure, you know, rhapsody. (The Jungalow)


BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND | Spend a decent amount of time gawking at Rachel Burke’s world of tinsel? Just us? Well, if you’re (a) in Australia and (b) have been dying to have one of your own, you’re also in luck, her pop-up shop at Winn Lane in Brisbane starts on the 24th! Get to it! (We’ll try not to gawk.) (Rachel Burke)


TREAT | Like textiles? And yoga? Love Canada? Then now’s the time to make end-all summer plans for a yoga and natural dyeing retreat in Nova Scotia this summer. Participants will yoga with Kumi Sawyer and Alex Sherry, then dye with Upstate designer Kalen Kaminski. (Nova Scotia Retreat)