That New/New



Making fun—or at least making light—of the common New Year’s tropes feels as well-worn as the tropes themselves. Of course, yes, it is all a little silly, that somehow a new calendar year could possibly be a clean slate, could possibly mean something different. And yet.

Taking any sort of loaded self-image stuff out of the equation, the new year/new you structure is pretty seductive. It’s a shot to do something with yourself you’ve always wanted to try: learn a language, eat healthier, travel more, work more, work less. Even something simple, like take your vitamin everyday, Zinzi. We do have this incredible capacity to move mountains with and in our minds, imagining what it would be like to be a little different; do that thing you’ve always wanted to try. Our ability to shape-shift gets a bad rap in culture—Jay Gatsby, Mr Ripley, this song, Odysseus, hell, even the frowns and glances we might throw at people with obvious plastic surgery all come to mind—but really, isn’t it a special and sort of uniquely human thing we can and sometimes will do, imagine something better (even if it’s ourselves) and see how we can get there?

So there’s this buzz to the beginning of the calendar year that’s exciting. Because new ideas are exciting. Just try to find an open elliptical this week—you’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m writing this from the past. My new/new started this fall. I relaunched Knit Wit online (as you know, as you can see), despite having remained intentionally ignorant of the digital space for years, and then shortly after (three weeks, what was I thinking), I had my second kid. I scheduled everything you’ve been seeing ahead of time: posts, Instagram, emails, newsletters, everything. And watched from my bed to make sure it was all working OK. And now that we’re out of bed and that deeply inward time of both these solstice holidays and the postpartum period is over, I feel the new/new buzz again. Especially when it comes to this website. It’s the second week of Q1 and I’m seeing and feeling boundless possibilities of what I can do here. 

But I also want to hear from you (please comment below!). It’s highly improbable I’m having all the best ideas around here. What do see, what do you *want* to see for Knit Wit this year? The slate is clean and I can’t wait to make it messy.