Market/Object: Windy Chien’s Bag

Welcome to our new series Market/Object, where we look at a specific object that has significant meaning for one person. In the post-KonMari world, we feel like it’s important to shine a light on the things we chose to keep in our lives, and the joy they each bring!

First up, we’ll hear from Windy Chien—knot-maker extraordinaire—describing her Agnes Baddoo bag.


I bought my Agnes Baddoo bag several years ago, it has not left my side since then, and I’ve taken it all over the world. I may very well carry it for the rest of my life. It is an enormous tote made of thick leather, so it stands up on its own. (Can we all agree there is nothing worse than a tote bag that collapses when you put it down.) It looks expensive —and it is— but for something that gives me joy every day, it’s absolutely worth it. 

The bag reminds me of the same values that I bring to my work - a functional object whose aesthetic beauty comes from its lack of decorative elements, with  a back story that’s meaningful. In my work, knots do not need extra adornment in order to communicate centuries of sailors’ smarts. The Agnes bag’s beauty comes from the fact that it is first-class in quality, the raw leather tans naturally over time, and it is based on the bag she inherited from her mother. Quel emotional! My bag gets compliments every single day from both men and women alike. I love it.

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