That’s A Stretch: For Arms


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Hands get all the glory when it comes to making (ahem, “hand” made?!), but tell me, where would hands be without arms. It truly does take a village. Today: We give those overlooked and overworked arms of yours a little attention, in the latest installment of That’s A Stretch. (Check out That’s A Stretch: For Fingers, here.)

arm stretches for crafters.jpg

Overhead Arm Stretch Pt. 1

This one is best done standing up, but if that’s not possible, sitting up straight with good posture will do. To start, interlace your fingers in front of you. Turn your hands so that your palms are facing away, then lift your locked hands overhead. Make sure your hands, ears, elbows and shoulders are aligned and triple-check that your shoulders are relaxed and not the least bit scrunched. Imagine that your shoulder blades are melting down your back.

arm stretches for crafters.jpg

Overhead Arm Stretch Pt. 2

Once you feel sufficiently relaxed in the first part of the pose, continue by gentle unlocking your fingers. Let your arms float slowly downward in a straight line (continue to sync up with and draw a straight line from your shoulders). Make sure this is a deliberate motion by engaging your hands and keeping them somewhat perpendicular to your forearms.

arm stretches for crafters.jpg

Palm and Arm Stretch

This one is also best done standing, but if you’re seated—with good posture—that’s also fine. Hold the arm you plan on stretching straight out in front of you, with palms facing away and fingers pointed towards the floor. Grasp the floor-pointing fingers with your other hand and pull towards your torso. Remember to keep your shoulders back, chest bone lifted and stretched arm straight to get the most out of this.

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