That’s A Stretch: For Shoulders


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You could be knitting, you could be weaving, you could be dyeing, or stitching or tying—whatever you’re working on, you could very possibly be hunched over your work. Shoulder and neck pain are an unfortunate side effect of virulent making, but here are some helpful stretches to straighten out that hunch. And try to smooth out any pain in the process.

Behind The Back 3.jpg

Behind The Back Stretch

This one is simple: Just interlace your fingers behind your back and start to bring your fist upwards as far as you can go (avoiding over-stretching). Check your posture by ensuring your breastbone isn’t perpendicular to the ground, but has an upwards, almost 45° angle to it. Hold the stretch as long as it’s comfortable and take a series of deep, ribcage-expanding breaths while you’re there.

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Fist Pushes

Prepare to feel amazing. This one is easy and feels great. Find a comfortable seated or standing position with good posture. Make your hands into fists and bring them in front of your chest, pushing the two into each other. You should feel a fantastic release between your shoulder blades as the two flatten out behind you. Vary the pressure depending on what feels right—never force your shoulder blades to flatten.

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