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Start Me Up

Last year, Yousling was a tech professional in San Francisco and though her blog, podcast and small-batch yarn company Woolful was wildly popular, at the time, this call would have been absurd. But since then, she, her husband David, and their 2-year-old son Coltrane have moved to 40 acres of land nestled between the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains and conversations like these are par for the course.

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Float, Float On

This summer, we want fiber good that look like they washed up on a distant shore. Palettes of sand-blasted pinks and sun-battered blues, with tangled webs of hemp and jute—and a sculptural, hand-crocheted sea anemone for good measure—have us ready for long limb-aching days by the ocean, too much UV exposure, and hair utterly encrusted in salt water.

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